What is "describe" useful for?

I thought I knew what describe was for. But as almost everything under-used, I didn’t really knew what I could REALLY do with it. ;) [Read More]
Tags: programming, react, jest

Tip-of-the-day series

You know those pesky nag screens when you start a newly installed application. They try to give you tips and suggestions on how you can use be more productive with a given application. Like I am dumb and I need some stupid advice from an app that thinks it knows... [Read More]
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Control your mouse with Karabiner

What is the problem? In my I have an external monitor, external keyboard and of course - an external mouse. This mouse has 2 additional buttons, the so called - button 4 and button 5. Usually (maybe in Windows?) they are used to go back/forward (e.g. in a browser) and... [Read More]
Tags: macosx

Change language with Karabiner

What is the problem? As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I switched to MacOS. There are some things that really bug me and one of those things is how you switch between different language inputs. The default keyboard combination is Ctrl+Space which is really easy to use, but not... [Read More]
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